Mu 24


Task 1

Try to find all 10 words in the word search below.

Words could go up, down, across, diagonally or even backwards!

|APRON                                 |                                       |E                                     |D                                     |
|                                       |M                                     |                                       |                                       |
|Majeda Abass                           |Karen                                 |Jenni                                 |Bill                                   |
|                                       |                                       |                                       |                                       |
|My responsibility is to promote a safe|Karen’s responsibility is to identify |Jenni’s responsibility is to report   |Bill is the health and safety manager |
|working environment in accordance with|safety issues and their causes. She   |the health and safety matters to the   |who is the main person to deal with   |
|the current legislation and nursery   |will recognise these and take action   |manager.                               |all the significant hazards.           |
|requirements.                         |where needed. This includes reporting |                                       |                                       |
|                                       |the health and well-being of the child|                                       |                                       |
|Report all health and safety concerns |to parents when it is necessary.       |                                       |                                       |
|to my supervisor Karen. Also, if I     |                                       |                                       |                                       |
|notice anything that could be         |                                       |...