Msc Finance

MSc in Investment and Finance (Taught)

As a young, aspiring accounting student from xxx University, one of the most famous universities in xxx, I have always enjoyed and been strong in the areas that require problem solving and analytical skills. I am anxious to combine the knowledge of these skills with my interest in finance. I have been fascinated in finance since taking Business Finance course in my second year. I have learnt various techniques and tools used in financial analysis, working capital management, cost of capital and capital structure. In this course, I did a group project on stock evaluation, by selecting various domestic and international stocks within the same industry then using information from their financial statement to interpret their values and predict the trends. This project gave me my first experience in the financial scope. Moreover, I found it very interesting and challenging to be able to interpret the real value of stocks and predicting what the trend of the stock market in the future will be by applying the financial techniques combined with the real world situation such as economy and politic etc. I am a regular reader of Bloomberg and New York Times. Enjoy keeping up with current affairs and business news. All of this has led me to aspire to a career path in the field of financial consulting.

Apart from academic interests, I also have a diverse experience in extra-curricular activities. I participated in SIFE, an international non-profit organization working with leaders in business and higher education to make a difference in communities while developing the skills to become socially responsible business leaders. Since the objective of SIFE is to improve the quality of life and standard of living for people, our SIFE group decided to give advice to farmers about expenditure management. Being a SIFE member has taught me leadership, effective communication, time management, teamwork and decision-making. Furthermore, I took...