Ms in Computer Science


“You are constrained only by the boundaries of your imagination”
  This is especially true for Mechanical, Automobile, Design and Production that I am interested in. I was happy to be following my dreams and looked forward to become a contributor in this ever evolving field. Today as I search for an educationally sound and culturally diverse environment to help me enhance my existing academic acquisitions, I am drawn to the (university) hoping to be a part of the undergraduate program this year.
I have a keen interest in drawing and designing.   Along with the realization that nuts and bolts run human life in an incredible manner, my innate interest in the field of mechanics motivated me to pursue my under-graduation in Mechanical Engineering. This course has given me the opportunity to learn and practice designing various machines and their components.   Being a member of ‘Society of Automobile Engineers’, I have witnessed the assembly of cars which was absolutely spectacular.   As a kid my mind was always filled with doubts regarding the operation of various equipment parts. The Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering has bridged this gap to a significant extent.   Now I understand the working of many devices and can also design a few on my own.   Designing automobiles is my passion and career aspiration.   A specialization in Automobile Engineering with a strong Mechanical Engineering background will be a dream come true.   Mechanical Engineering gives wide perspective and knowledge.   It paves a path for me to study and work in most Science related fields. Among the various subjects that I took up in my undergraduate program, Mechanics, Theory of Machines and Mechatronics particularly interested me
Besides academics, while at college I participated enthusiastically in many event organizations and competitions like Cricket, Robotics. I was an active member of our Institutions Roboclub. I was also part of the organizing committee of the robotics in...