Mrs Lynne Green

Academic Essay –
‘ It was once thought that self-injury occurred only among clinical populations’ (Favazza 1996) ‘ This view is changing in part through the growing awareness that prevalence rates among non-clinical populations are quite high’. Given this reality it is quite likely that community based mental health practitioners like counsellors and psychologists will be the first in line of professionals dealing with clients who present non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) (De Stefano 2010)
With this in mind and for the purpose of this essay I will give a summary of a study that has two overarching aspects to it. The title explaining these aspects. , “Am I competent enough to be doing this? A qualitative study of trainees ‘experiences working with clients who self-injure”. (De Stefano 2012)  
I will explain the study’s aims, explore its findings and consider the conclusion it draws. As I am going to be a novice counsellor in the not too distant future I chose this study as it offers a useful insight into exploring the process trainees move through when working with actual clients. ‘They inevitably find themselves working with a clientele that tests the limits of their knowledge and abilities’. This includes self-injury (De Stefano 2010) I shall reflect on the implication this study will have on my professional development and also look at the process I have adopted in order to complete this assignment, particularly focussing on time management. The final component will be using Gibbs model of reflection I will explain the academic skills applied to performing a group presentation.
The aim of this study by (De Stefano et al 2012) was to examine the experiences of counsellors in training with clients who present with non-suicidal self-injury. Self-injury is here defined as the deliberate and self-inflicted destruction of body tissue ( cutting, bruising, hitting) resulting in immediate damage without a culturally sanctioned purpose ( Favazza 1996, Walsh 2006) as part...