Mr. Zhou

SWOT Analysis

  1. Authentic flavors: with only a few places in University of Delaware which offer the authentic Chinese flavor, the food and service is our strongest strength.
  2. Location: locating on 56 W. Main Street, Newark, DE made the restaurant stand out from other potential competitors. With the walking distance to main campus apply the restaurant a significant advantage regarding to absorb student market.
  3. Cultural Atmosphere: the Wheaten Food itself has long and deep history in China, it takes on the royal and literate culture which represent civil culture. The decoration will be encountered by local artists who can best represent the culture of the wheaten food. The restaurant is not only the place which customers can find delicious food, but for those who are fascinated in Chinese culture.
  4. Convenience: the restaurant offers fast breakfast and Go-Lunch box, which are all house made fresh local cuisine. The breakfast will be found at Smith/Gore bus station which can almost guarantee convenience and fresh.
  5. Small Market: a small market will be held in the restaurant, offers essential ingredients and local popular beverages.

  1. Co-sponsorship: Co-sponsor cooking classes and events with HRIM Department, along with UDCSSA.
  2. Develop vending and grab & go products with local institutional and B&I accounts, along with expanding HMR sales.
  3. Strong customer based location.
  4. Alliance: Potential alliance in the nearby the restaurant location such as Teado and Kungfu tea.
  1. Unstable eating habitat: Chinese usually enjoying noodles during colder weather, uncontrollable eating habitat may lead to lack of customer during summer season.
  2. Competitors: High volume of different Chinese restaurant surrounding Zhou’s Handmade Noodles leads to stern reality of surviving in the market.  
  3. Potential rivals: More upcoming potential competitors are...