Subject :   Intercultural Management


|Student’s name                   |: Đoàn Hồng Ngọc                                                 |                                                 |
|ID                               |: VN1001652                                                     |                                                 |
|Date of completion               |: 26/9/2014                                                     |                                                 |


Discuss cultural differences as they exist in American and Vietnamese culture and suggest some ways to overcome them.


Nowadays, as we could see that America is one of the countries which have an modern, strong and developed economy in the world. Moreover, it is famous for education (Havard university, Stanford University, Yale University), social security, social welfare, working condition, peaceful country. Especially, America is also a country which has many impressive achievements in science, technology, astronautics, aviation…The U.S government has a lot of policies to attract talented people   around the world, continuously carry out a lot of innovation to make its country more and more developing in comparison with other countries such as France, U.K…So this is an ideal country for others to make a business, trade, studying or investment. One of them is Vietnam. In recent years, Vietnam has many special development in economy as agriculture, heavy industry, education, military, aviation…Many Vietnamese entrepreneurs do business in U.S or many domestic companies, organizations export their production to U.S as Basa fish, litchi, garment, cloth, or seafood… Vietnam and U.S have developed a good relationship from enemy in the war to friendship and this is demonstrated by a lot of contracts in business, education, industry   signed by Vietnam and U.S. Especially, U.S is considering to remove the arms embargo from...