Mr Jose

 Individual Differentiating Reasoning
It is important to understand what is known prior to making a decision because if that is not done you will be making a decision on half the information. You should always know all the points of an argument or story before you come to a conclusion because if that’s not done your decision will not be accurate and will be based on mere speculation. Hearing all important and pertinent information could make the difference in making a right or wrong decision. The role of deductive reasoning in the decision making process is that of making a decision based on generalizations. One would make a decision using deductive reasoning by generalizing an argument and coming to a conclusion by generalizations that they may have witnessed over time and that is how they came to their conclusion. The text states that deductive reasoning arrives at a specific conclusion based on generalizations. The process of deductive reasoning aid in understanding an argument is that even though one would not want to come to an conclusion based on deductive reasoning it is needed to aid in the decision making process because it plays a huge part in a person’s critical thinking process. A person needs critical thing to be able to come to a sensible and logical decision which in tales using both deductive and inductive reasoning. Using both gives a full scope or both sides of an argument thus usually giving all the important information needed to come to a logical decision and also using critical thinking. Critical thinking, deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning and making a decision all intertwine together in the thought process.