Mr Jason Carroll

Justify the needs to keep records and describe the types of records you would
Keep (ta 3b)
Jason Carroll
Record keeping is a part of the role and responsibility of the tutor and often these records are required by law. There are boundaries and legislation regarding what can be collected and kept and how it can be used. The Data Protection Act 1998 states that records must be kept securely, be relevant and not excessive, accurate and up to date and not kept for longer than necessary.
Records being kept.
  * Attendance and assessment
  * Everything in between
  * Tutorials, one to ones, learning reviews / goals / plans
  * What stage is my training at
“Personal data shall be adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the purpose or purposes for which they are processed”
In the security training industry records are very important all students need to fill out attendance records and time logs to confirm they have spent 35 hours on the course, records are also to confirm that they have sat all exams in class exam conditions. Other good parts of record keeping are that all security officers that do the training know when they can send off for their badges.
After all checks have been completed the students can then carry on with further training, the reason for this is because without good and accurate records you would not know when their badges were up for renewal and most of all you would not know when there criminal record checks needed to be up dated. This is a major thing to keep up to date as a lot of the security officer’s work in and around children and under the dater protection act children and valuable adults need to be taken care of with an enhanced discloser.
WILSON L (29), states “However time consuming the paperwork is, it must be completed regularly and accurately”
Students can request a copy of all information held about them under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. The Freedom of Information Act 2000 is an act of the...