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FORMAL essay on why christopher boone from 'curious incident of the dog in the night time' is an unforgettable character.

anything i should change, fix, or any suggestions?

Aspergers Syndrome is a disorder that can affect a person's ability to communicate effectively with others. The disorder can also cause a person to have many different behavioral problems. Asperger's Syndrome has no cure but there are many forms of help that can improve the severeness of the effects. The consequences of Asperger's are extremely unusual and cause Christopher to have behavioral problems, communication problems, and achieves to be exceedingly intelligent. Without his troubles and successes due to his sickness, Christopher Boone would be a lot less memorable.
Along with Asperger's Syndrome brings behavioral problems. The way Christopher deals with situations such as interacting with strangers, seeing specific Colors, and how overwhelmed he is when too much is happening is very different from how most human beings would handle them. When talking to someone, Christopher will walk away when he feels the conversation is over or he is done talking, without saying goodbye or any form of final words. Christopher also determines when it will be a quite good day, good day, super good day, or a black day by the colors of cars. A person without the disorder usually determines how their day will go by the first things that happen to them in the morning. He is not very understanding of anything that is indirect. All the behavior problems Christoffer possesses make his character an unforgettable one at the least.
Christopher encounters a few mental and physical breakdowns throughout the book due to his disorder. He becomes so overwhelmed by an environment or situation he is put in that he has passed out or puked. When Christopher planned to run away to his mother's in London, he wanted to talk to Siobhan first. He saw his father at the school which made his plan to visit...