Mr Hahsksja

Hey U..... On first reading, this is not impressive.  English not good, its repetitive, the layout is wrong and you have not fully expanded on personal experiences.  You have a go at writing a better version of this one and I will see if I can get some pointers over to you but it will be later in the week as I am inundated with work at the moment and need the next couple of days to get all my immediate stuff out of the way.  Then can do something with clear head.
Soz, for being blunt (love you).

From an early age I have always had an interest in the world of mathematics mainly because it was one of my strong areas of my school life. I have always had an urge to solve mathematical problems as soon as I get them. My interest in accounts expanded when I studied a section of Finance in GCSE business studies. I not only had to analyse but learn how to do a balance sheet and work out profit and loss.  I feel that my subjects, especially Mathematics, will prepare me well for a degree-level course in Accounting and Finance.
 My interest did not just stop at GCSE I thereafter went to a talk where an accountant came in and talked to me about his career and lifestyle. Which made me go to a taster course at UCL to do with accounting and finance with pure potential. This made me look more in depth so I took part in a workshop recently at school with ICAE where we had to get into a group of four and work out our own accounts for a business we thought would be the most successful. We had to cover all areas like external factors, costs and utilities. After rising to the challenge and winning the activity out of seven groups, this made me realise that I would like to pursue a career in accounting or in finance.
Reading related newspapers has broadened my knowledge and understanding of the subject. I regularly read the ‘Financial Times’ and also other newspapers to keep up to date with the economic developments, including the country specific foreign...