Mr Gary Johnson

Plan for and Justify future personal development
My plan for my future im going to base it around two elements of counselling the theoretical approach will mainly be PCT but I will be bringing another   theory .I know I have started to integrated SFBT into my style of counselling and I want to look at developing more skills in this area. I know I can use this in my current placement because they offer a wide variety of clients, one of the advantages to SFBT is, it does not require the client to even agree they have an issue they just need to willing to communicate with you, another reason is want to develop in this area is because I’m   seeing more and more clients who are on the autistic spectrum and I feel that combing PCT with SFBT would support the client because it is non directive and easy to bolt onto my existing theoretical approach. Another reason for wanting to use SFBT as part of my approach because it adds to the tools I already have and some of the approach is familiar and similar to the PCT approach I have been taught.
By having a wide variety of clients I have focused my interest on the age group of 13-30   year olds because I have experienced this age group and feel comfortable added to my interest in SFBT I would like to develop and learn more about the effect of social media in society and by having this age group in my placement I have discovered through listening I can relate to the effect of social media is having on my clients issues for example a client whose father has married again and posts on Facebook what he is doing to with his “new family” and how much he is enjoying his life is really affecting one my client this particular client hardly ever see his dad and by reading this on Facebook   he knows it makes him jealous and angry it makes him feel not wanted this results in him being depressed, by developing my skills to include training I know I will be able to support more people like them, I know PCT is able to support him but I feel...