Mr Chips

Goodbye, Mr. Chips

Absolutely Fantastic!! A Must Have For Soundtrack Collectors!!

Personal Review: Goodbye, Mr. Chips
I've been waiting for the film score to Goodbye, Mr. Chips to become available for some time, my only reference to it being a skipping and popping version of the original LP. This movie and its music, an excellent score by Leslie Bricusse with orchestrations and underscore by John Williams, played a very instrumental (no pun intended) role in my development as a performer and actor. The additional information as well as alternate takes and inter view sessions with stars O'Toole and Clark provide invaluable insight into how full the production could have been. The notes included in the quite significant booklet add a touch of sophistication and reflection that can be summed up in these thoughts from the booklet: "The final irony is that the revolution on 1969's horizon [Midnight Cowboy, Easy Rider, The Wild Bunch-Ed.] never truly materialized: in less than a decade it became clear that the real revolution (as Star Wars depicted) was to restore the values that the 1960's had questioned... it turned out that there was a place for "Brookfield" in the new world after all..." With that said, we now have the clarity of 20-20 hindsight in seeing that the counter-culture films that overshadowed its initial release slowly faded from mainstream media, and that John Williams' scores would go on to become the standard by which all other film scores would be measured. Now for some wishful thinking: The simplicity and beauty of the music would only be enhanced by a fully restored and remastered DVD version

of the film. It's most unfortunate that both the producer Arthur P. Jacobs and the director Herb Ross are no longer available to give us their vision. Perhaps someone with an intense love of a bygone era in movie musicals and the financial wherewithall will step up and give this beautiful and touching film to a completely new audience... a general...