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Introduce myself:
I am glad for this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Nguyen Thuy Dung. I am 22 years old and I come from Hanoi. Four years at National Economics University gives me not only theoretical knowledge but also greatly helpful life experience. With the passion and effort, I had got a very good Bachelor Degree with GPA 8.34. At university, I was taught to become a forwarder in the future because my major is International Trade. I attempted to work well with incoterms 2000 and 2010 as well as required specialized knowledge because I knew that they are very important with my future career. Four years in university brings me more opportunities to learn from my friends, my  teachers  about communication in work, life and how to solve the problems so well.
I know that beside knowledge, foreign languages are keys to have a good job and English is one of them. I had got 715 TOEIC   after 3 months working hard with it. And I also hope to continue to learn Korean and Japanese in the future, not only to serve for the job, but also to learn more about culture of the two countries that I love .
I am an outgoing person, and I try to be positive in every business aspect of life. I regularly read books. It is not only the way to relax in my free time but also helps me get more knowledge of life, expand vocabulary and improve my concentration in any job.
With enthusiasm and a willingness to learn, I believe that   I can work independently as well as good cooperation with colleagues in the teamwork. To be honest, I am not too confident but I strong believe that I have enough dynamics and responsibility to work.

Reasons For Applying To Samsung:
Samsung is one of the leading companies in the electronics field and I think working in the company is anyone's dream, especially fresh graduated students like me. Before applying for the vacancy, I examined carefully this position. . I think there are at least three reason for me to apply this job in Samsung...