Mr Arunpreet Singh

Task F

My aim for this unit of work was to gather data and work around databases, investigating how house prices have changed in the past ten years. I used the internet to perform advanced searching, use local and on-line databases, create a complex spreadsheet, present my findings, analyse my own way of working to find the information and, write a report on the availability of information.

Task A

I was asked to show my own knowledge in what search engines where used for and advanced searching could help find more specific data that I was after Again I did not know how to use advanced search and now I use it   all the time

Task B

I believe that I reached my highest quality of standard in this section of work as I tried my best to work around everything that was asked to work on, on the assessment sheet. As I was working on this Unit I learnt more around how to use a database, from collecting data and making graphs and queries which then lead to reports. I had already used a software on the computer called Microsoft access but doing more work around databases helped me learn more about the software. I had never made a query before then make a report afterwards

Having print screens was part of what was asked to be shown, I applied it to my work in order to gain a better mark when my teacher comes to marking it. I wanted to gather the best information, data, and print screens of work in order to get the best work I could possibly get.

I wasn’t asked to create a bibliography in this unit but if I did have one I think it could have been better, as I would of bin up to date with all my work and I wouldn’t of lacked any time. All my work would of bin time consuming. I would have been more organised and put on pressure if I had a gantchart prepared with me for the Unit.

My teacher however gave us certain amounts of time to do our work, week by week as homework and lesson time. All together I spent around 20 hours of lesson and home study time in...