Mr. Adam

Due to a change in business operations, the X department and every job in it will be eliminated. Your position will no longer exist and you won’t be replaced.” An ambiguous explanatioWe are sorry to have to inform you that you will be laid off from your (name of position or title) with (name of department) at (time and date).” Show empathy without superfluous sugarcoating. Example: “We appreciate the work you’ve donen or none at all is difficult to defend in court. Dear (name of employee)
I regret to inform you that due to market conditions, we are unavoidably obliged to terminate the employment of a number of out highly valued staff. Accordingly  we must formally give notice that your employment will terminate on mm/dd/yyyy.
Please note the following terms and conditions of termination:
Staff must return all company equipment and vehicles prior to the date above.
Final payment of outstanding salary and entitlements will be made on mm/dd/yyyy.
We appreciate that staff may have personal matters related to payroll issues which may require advice regarding procedures and options. Please contact the payroll staff to obtain this information.

We have given as much advance notice as possible to employees to allow time for staff to arrange their affairs. If you require any assistance in relation to these matters, please contact the Human Resources department for assistance.
Yours sincerelyDate
Mr. Thomas Main
1918 Street Rd.
Topeka, KS 66605
Dear Thomas,
This letter confirms our discussion today that you are being laid off from your employment with Fogerty Subscriptions effective immediately.
Unfortunately, economic conditions in the industry have resulted in slow sales. We decided to eliminate the quality department and all positions. Quality functions will move to manufacturing and be handled by existing employees in that department.
You will receive one week’s severance pay for each year that you have worked for Fogerty Subscriptions. In your case, with 12...