Moving from Complaint Behavior to Compliment Behavior

Moving from Complaint Behavior to Compliment Behavior.

Complain behavior usually occur in consumer decision process. Some reason can cause complain happened, such as hard to seek product information, choices did not match any unmet need, product out of order or experiences and performance fall short of expectation. The consumer decision process includes customers’ need, search for information, pre-purchase evaluation of alternative, purchase, consumption, post-consumption evaluation and divestment. Thus in order to discuss this complains behavior happens on consumer decision process, six points will be mentioned. The
First point is products and service that do not solve consumer problems fail. The second point that will be discussed is limit information of product or service .Thirdly
Shop’s product is out of stock. The fourth point is how salespeople influence purchases. Experiences and performance fall short of expectation will be discussed by following points. Meanwhile, some suggestion will be submit to move from Complaint Behavior to Compliment Behavior.

Sales person characteristics affect consumer complaint response. This problem can happens on stage four of consumer decision process. Because a consumer's overall satisfaction or dissatisfaction with a retail experience is related to several factors including satisfaction with the store, the product and the salesperson, such as willingness to listen and salesperson knowledge. A salesperson’s willingness to listen has been described a person shows and is logically and empirically related to customer satisfaction. For example, when a customer talk about the feedback of product or service, salesperson should listen carefully and pay more patience on what is customer talking. If salesperson does not to listen customer’s feedback or express weary listen, then customer will compliant the salesperson and lost long-term customer. Some way can solve this problem. Offer a training course to salesperson, let...