Retail Websites
In the twenty-first century, there is no easier way to advertise than on the Internet. Retail companies have an obligation to appeal to its customers with their distinct style and prices. Major companies, such as Forever 21, Hollister, and American eagle, have websites in order for customers to have access without having to go directly to the store. The following companies’ websites appeal to customers with their design, and these criteria is based on if the websites are aesthetically appealing, interactivity with customers, and navigation of the website.
Aesthetically appealing designs are key to retailers’ websites. They need to draw the customer in with color and organization. There are many aspects when it comes to designs, but these three will most effectively draw customers in. Forever 21’s main page consists of categorizes that differentiates customers with sex, size and sale. It also categorizes the type of clothing a customer desires on the side panel. With white text colors on black, it brings out the words to the customer’s eye. As for Hollister, there are many of the same aspects of the design that are similar with categorization to Forever 21. Hollister used colorless texts, which may not be completely appealing to a customer. American Eagle used a wide picture in order for them to appeal their new clothing line. With bright letters going across the page, it seems to be eye hurting for a customer.
With interactivity with customers, the three websites show a similarity that provides the customer with a special experience on their website. Hollister and Forever 21 allows their customers to look at outfits of their clothing in order for them to see how the clothes look on a model. With previews to their clothing, they can appeal to the customers who want to see how it looks on first. American Eagle did not provide any extraordinary online experience, which made the website seem not as interactive as the other two. Forever 21 and...