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| Ana Carrión
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Not Without My Daughter |

Analysis of the movie -> Not without My Daughter
  * Settings:
  * United States: In this country beginning the movie, here we can see a happy family with a normal conidian life.
  * Iran: In this country life Moody`s family, here we can see the majors conflicts of the family, and the destruction of family ties.
  * Swiss Embassy: Here Betty came for ask for help, but can’t help to her by Iranian law.
  * Nasserine House: Here we can see when Moody`s family arrived on Iran, stayed on Nasserine`s house. Also in this place we can see the first’s conflicts of the stoy.
  * Mammal House: In this place, the Moody`s family stayed the rest of the story.
  * Koran school: In this school, give Koran classes in English, here Betty came to learn more about Koran, and here make an American friend.
  * Mahtob School: Here Betty came for stay with her daughter, and here been the most important conflict, because here Moody ask to Betty that he been killing she, and also in the moment attack to Betty.
  * Market: In this place, Betty came to buy many things for cook, and here Betty knew Houssein.
  * Desert: In the desert, Betty and Mahtob, travelled for get to the frontier with Turkey.
  * Turkey: At the last of the movie, Betty and her daughter get to Turkey, and finished they travelled on the United States embassy in Turkey.

  * Character Analysis:
  * Betty Mahmoody: She is the protagonist of the story; she lived with her husband Moody and with her daughter Mahtob. She is characterized for be brave, and for protect her daughter of anything. She is north American citizen, and not like muslim costumes at the end of the story.
  * Moody: He is the husband of Betty, he hav e a daughter with Betty, Mahtob. He is Iranian; he lives in the United States at the beginning of the story, when he is a good father and husband seeing at an...