Motorola builds and markets products, services, and applications that make simple and seamless connections, information, and entertainment possible through broadband, embedded systems and wireless networks. The company operates through three business divisions: mobile devices, network and enterprise, and connected home solutions. Motorola has strong technological capabilities. Motorola was on of the early advocates fro WiMAX 802. 16e as the technology has the bandwidth to deliver the multimedia experiences at a fraction of the cost of 3G technologies. Stiff competition across its operating segments could adversely affect the company’s market share and profitability.

Motorola SWOT Analysis
1. Motorola has strong brand name in the telecommunication market. It has well known in developed countries and being established in developing countries as well.
2. It is considered as leader of innovations as it keeps introducing innovative products.
3. It has wide range of products in the market and almost all the products getting success in the market.
4. Motorola offers products at affordable prices. It caters many target markets like high class as well as middle class.
5. Customers all around the world use Motorola; their customer base are very wide.