Introduction and Executive Summary

The storytellers are back with yet another story to tell, and this time around it is Motorola. The story tellers for a good 6 months have bred upon the idea of association. Associating with the people, with the clients, with the stories and most importantly with creative concepts. Nogah Branding Thoughts after a 6 month gap has moth balled from a thought to an association, continuously striving every minute to create one and develop a sense of bonding with every individual in its vicinity. Our associative skills have also been nurtured intra group as well as inter group. Taking our love for the word, a step further.

We have associated with ideas to form creative strategies, associated with people to form ever lasting clients, associated with words to spin the story web and this time around we just thought about keeping it really plain and simple; by associating with parameters.

For the past couple of months Nogah Branding Thoughts has been deeply involved with Market Research work for Motorola and its sub brand Motoflip. The team has been keenly involved in the project to produce results that would help the client in dealing with its hence forth operations. The research dealt with analyzing the ad recall and effectivity of the brand Motoflip. The research further analysed the media habits of its target audience and the product usage defined by the sample size. This analysis helped us to formulate the necessary inferences and hence suggest certain well needed changes in several of Motorola and Motoflip’s marketing as well as advertising goals.

The research conducted at Nogah has been aiming to achieve the best possible results that could be managed so as to meet the client’s ever-challenging needs and to meet the current scenarios in the cellular market. The inferences got out of this research has been placed down in subjective as well as objective manner which covers all aspects necessary.

MOTOROLA – Brand History...