Nick Jacobson
Focus on writing
8th hour
Ms. Lenze


Motocross is a fast physically demanding and a fun to watch racing sport. It's an intense and exciting sport that allows you to see anything from a few friends banging' bars at a practice track to 40 professionals lining up for a big money race.  
Motocross races are held on a closed, marked and fenced track that combines the area’s natural features such as hills and cambers with man-made jumps to create fun and physically challenging tracks. On a typical MX track you'll find all kinds of sections including fast straights, sharp climbs and drops, big jumps, technical corner sections and whoops.   “Motocross is riding a specially designed motorcycle, called a motocross bike, on a closed course, consisting of a variety of terrain; uphill's, downhill's, corners, jumps, etc. If you are racing, it is over a set amount of time or laps, with the winner crossing the line first. This varies depending on the club, or level that the rider is competing at. Experts and professionals typically have longer races than novices. A race day can be just one race, or 3 or more, again depending on club and competition level”. (Bryan).

“Motocross racing is one of the few spectator sports that really gives fans the unbeatable combination of sure-fire appeal. Thrills, excitement, color, speed, strategy and endurance are all presented in a natural panorama of nature.   While it may look simple to the onlooker, motocross competitors are athletes in the strictest sense of the word. A recent study conducted by the National Athletic Health Institute in California, in cooperation with Cycle Magazine, proved the amazing fitness and endurance that each of these young racers possess. Results of a series of fitness tests to 9 top motocrossers showed conclusively that these riders were the most physically fit athletes ever tested by the Institute.   In motocross, endurance is the key factor. Sheer strength...