to whom it may concern,

I am now finishing a three-year course leading to a bachelor’s in business and finance during which I have acquired considerable knowledge in the management and marketing fields.

In fact, these studies and new experiences came as a revelation, unveiling an unfulfilled desire to study fashion design.

as a high school student, I was very tempted to pursue my studies in the fine arts field and particularly in the domain of fashion. my father being a successful independent interior designer, his work has always been very creative, but I also did see in his passion for his work a certain lack of managerial skills.

I was always very attracted by this world of innovation, in constant renewal creating new trends and “fashions” every six months. the hype of imagining and developing a complete new look for the up-coming season seemed such a fascinating challenge.

not only is “fashion” involved in the concept of dresses, skirts, trousers, shirts and shoes but all the other accessories that are related to fashion. a wider scope would include hand-bags, necklaces, earrings and even the hair-styling. make-up could also be considered as one of the constituents of the global art – the art of fashion.

this world, seen from the outside, could strike one as being frivolous and playful, but in fact is the fruit of creative minds confronted with extremely rigorous specifications and deadlines.

the glamorous fashion industry, in my opinion, and quoting Thomas Edison is similar to his definition of genius : “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration »

this quotation from thomas edison brings me back to unveiling past unfulfilled desires.

now in my third year of university I fully realize the importance and the complementarily of management and marketing with design.

today, after my courses in management I feel much stronger and better prepared to re-direct the course of my studies to fashion design.