Motivational Plan

The greatest challenge that managers face today is motivating their employees. It doesn’t matter if you have two employees or two hundred employees; the task of finding ways to motivate each employee is often difficult! Is there one specific motivational theory to follow for all employees?   Normally each employee will be motivated in a different way and the responsibility of the manager is to determine how their employees can become motivated and stay motivated to produce the highest results for the company. Recently at Riordan Manufacturing we had three employees take a series of assessments to give us a better understanding of their characteristics. Through these assessments we were about to find out a summary of their individual characteristics, develop a motivational strategy and action plan, and relate the plan to a relevant theory, all of which will guide our management team in motivating these employees.
The first employee to take the assessments was Alberto Padilla who is a truck driver for our manufacturing plant. Through the evaluations we were able to see that Alberto has a several issues that are important and wise for our management team to work through to help him and our company. Alberto does not seem engaged in his work which can lead to poor performance on the job. His job satisfaction score was very low which indicated he does not like the job that he does, but he does like to train or help other people. The highest result of the assessments was that Alberto is a great decision maker and tends to take his time but still make wise, timely decisions.
With these characteristics our strategy is to get Alberto more involved in his job and his goals for his career. Another strategy is allowing Alberto to be more flexible with his work hours and make more decisions on his own. In order to carry out these strategies our action plan is to first take time to talk with Alberto and come up with a monthly goal that he will try to achieve. Because Alberto...