Motivation Profiles Paper

Motivation Profiles
      Everyone has goals that they strive to achieve through out life. It requires a certain degree of motivation in order to obtain these goals.   Motivation is the activation of goal-orientated behavior. Although we all are motivated to reach a certain goal, we are not always motivated in the same way.
    MCA Advertising currently has an opening for a promotion. Ella, Marcelo, and Masoko are three of the company’s best employees. They are all striving towards the same goal. However, each person is motivated differently. Only one will be granted the promotion in the end.
    Ella’s motivation can be accounted for by biological theories of motivation. The sub theory of drive-reduction describes how humans are motivated by basic biological needs, such as food, water, and shelter. Humans have internal biological needs, which motivate us to perform in a certain way. A prime example would be the internal feeling of hunger or thirst, which motivates us to eat and drink. Ella grew up in a low-income society where her family never knew when they would have enough money to eat a meal daily. She has taken with her the fear of going back to where she grew up. Ella is worried that with out a promotion she may loose her house and then will not be able to afford food.
    Psychosocial theories of motivation include incentives, attributions, and expectancies. Marcelo is motivated by the incentive theory.   The incentive theory has an external goal that has the capacity to motivate behavior. Marcelo grew up in a large family. He has always felt the need to vindicate his status and prove his worthiness. If Marcelo were to get the job it would improve his social standing. He would be satisfied and feel worthy to his peers.
    Masoko is motivated by the interactionist theory. The interactionist theory deals with a person’s understanding of society based on individuals that they meet. A person’s perspective changes every...