Motivation Evaluation

her children without having them properly secured in their car seats. She also chose to continue this horrible behavior after being ordered by the Judge to comply with the law on this specific matter. I can state Brittney’s reasons for doing so without agreeing with them. I also would have to say that she chose to do this on her subconscious psychoanalytic motivation of protecting her children. On the surface, this would contradict her actions, since driving without a child seat is endangering her children that she is supposed to protect.   Also, when examining the circumstances leading to the offenses, it comes out that the paparazzi surrounded her and her kids in what she felt was a sort of harassing way. She says she felt that both consciously and precociously that her children should be properly secured In the vehicle, but she chose to remove them from the circumstances quickly without taking that precaution, as she deemed their immediate safety to be threatened.

Judging the situation from a humanistic standpoint, she was not acting to her highest potential.   What this meant was that she was not acting as a fully functioning individual. This resulted through her being denied unconditional positive regard from her friends, her family and the public. She had been in the limelight of the public for pretty much most of her life. Her very worst moments were made available for the world to see. She has also gained a body of detractors who wish to perpetuate this image of her. This means that she pretty much feels threatened by the paparazzi and the press in general.

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From a different diversity standpoint, Britney’s implicit motivated outstripped her actual self-attributed motivation. It would have more or less been expected that she stop the car and secure her children properly. In this specific case, her maternal concern for their immediate safety overrode that more normal response. Brittney Spears made the choice to protect her...