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Michael Garcia
Professor Foster
30 April 2012
Motion Picture Sociology
Avatar- Movie Theater/Home Movie
Jake Sully- Is the main protagonist in “Avatar”. He is a former marine who has since been paralyzed and bound to a wheelchair. Sully is brought into the Avatar program once his twin brother is killed and travels to a distant planet to ease relations with the native inhabitants.
Colonel Miles Quaritch- He is the main antagonist for the film. He is in charge of security and military operations at Hell’s Gate; which is the nickname for the human’s base of operations.
Avatar Plot-
Jake Sully’s identical twin-brother was murdered during an attempted robbery. This allowed Jake to be able to take his brothers position on the “Avatar Program”; which is an initiative to link into a genetically grown na’vi body and explore Pandora. Once on Pandora, Jake’s ultimate goal is to receive the funds he needs so he can revolve back home to get an expensive spinal surgery, rendering him able to walk again. Sully eventually gets to know the na’vi and the inhabitants of Pandora. In the midst, Jake Sully also falls in love with Neytiri and realizes the amount of destruction the humans have forged. Once in heartache and despair, Jake Sully teams up with the native indigenous to stop the humans once and for all.      
  1. Culture- A way of life gardened by tradition and technology that categorizes different people.
Culture is something that is defined in the motion picture Avatar. Everything from gathering food to praying revolves around a tradition.
  2. Stereotype- An idea or bias put on every person within a category or subset of people.
First, The Na’vi are unfairly classified as ignorant barbarians. Second, the audience can see that Col. Quaritch only views the human scientist as weak-sympathizers.
  3. Culture Shock- Shock or surprise to the unfamiliarly of another culture or way of life.
Jake Sully comes from a deeply polluted and broken...