Mothers Day Kiss-Off

According to Leslie Bennetts, a contributing editor at Vanity Fair since 1988 and the author of the Feminine Mistake, women are angry. In her article, A Mother’s Day Kiss Off, Bennetts provides lots of reasoning and evidence as to why mothers, or women in general, are angry. She offers reasons as to why women should listen to her and stop making so many personal sacrifices. Although she makes a great point, she doesn’t provide any evidence for women who aren’t angry or mad and who agree with their role. The reason she needs to provide more evidence is because there are so many women who are not angry and who are perfectly happy with their lives!
Her first reason as to why women are mad is that she believes they do not feel “equal” to men. Women feel unequal to men in many situations including stuff in their work life and at home. Bennetts suggested that “motherhood represents the first time women run headfirst into fundamental inequalities--not just the biological differences between men and women but also the disproportionate burdens imposed by a culture still regards the raising of children as the mothers responsibility (par 6).” To me, the raising of children was never set in stone to be a mother’s job, but it is something that most women take with a lot of pride. I always thought that women wanted to raise there kids and be around them all of the time. There are a lot of men who would love to become a stay-at-home dad and let his wife make all of the money. In a way, women have been thrown under the bus for years when it comes to work. A woman can do the same exact job as a man in most situations, yet they are paid a substantial amount less in some cases. “Childless women earn up to 10% less than their male counterparts, women with children earn about 27% less (par 18), and single mothers earn about 44% less. After a divorce, a woman’s standard of living drops about 36% while a man’s rises by about 28% (par 19). This information seems relatively...