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Moses ( Heb. משֶׁה, Moshe, "taken (saved) from the water", an Arab. موسى Musa al-Greek.. Mωυσής, Lat. Moyses) ( XIII century BC. e. ) in the Pentateuch - the Jewish prophet and lawgiver, the founder of Judaism , made ​​Exodus of the Jews from ancient Egypt , rallied the Israeli tribes into one nation.
Bible scholars usually dated his life XV-XIII centuries. BC. e. mainly communicating with the Pharaohs XVIII and XIX dynasties : Akhenaten , Ramses II , Merneptah .
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Moses - "recovered or rescued from the water," in other directions, it is of Egyptian origin and means "child" [1] .
The Biblical story
The main source of information about Moses - the biblical narrative on the Hebrew language . His life and work are devoted to the four books of the Pentateuch ( Exodus , Leviticus , Numbers , Deuteronomy ) that make up the epic of the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt .
Birth and Childhood

The Finding of Moses. F. Goodall , 1862
The book of Exodus tells us that Moses' parents belonged to the tribe of Levi ( Ex.. 2:1 ). Moses was born in Egypt ( Exodus. 2-2 ) in the reign of the pharaoh who "knew not Joseph" ( Exodus. 1:8 ), who was the first nobleman under his predecessor. The governor questioned the loyalty Egypt descendants of Joseph and his brothers and turned into slaves of the Jews.
But the hard work has not reduced the number of Jews, and Pharaoh ordered to drown in the Nile all newborn Jewish male babies. At that time the family was born the son of Amram, Moses. Mother of Moses Jochebed (Yocheved) was able to hide the baby at home for three months. Not having more opportunities to hide it, she left the baby in a basket of reeds and tar oils, bitumen and pitch in the reeds on the banks of the Nile , where he was found by Pharaoh's daughter, who came there to swim.

Paolo Veronese . The Finding of Moses. 2nd third of the XVI century. Picture Gallery . Dresden
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