Mortezza Poorvadi

How has listening to the interview with Mortezza Poorvadi increased your understanding of different voices, different worlds?

Poorvadi a born in Iran from an Iranian father and Iraqi into a struggling family that was then forced to leave Iran due to the Iranian Mullah discovering his mother was not Iranian but Iraqi. In the interview ‘The conversation hour’ between Richard Fielder and Mortezza Poorvadi we learn about the struggles that Mortezza and his family had to face when trying to migrate from their country into Australia. We are able to form a good understanding of what this family experienced in their home Iran, their personal experience with the people smugglers when crossing the boarders of different countries they visited on there way to Australia and Villawood an Australian detention center that refugees are forced to stay.   This interview can be very helpful in increasing my understanding of different voices, different worlds because it gives a good insight into what the life of a refugee coming from a different country and the struggles him and his family went through during their time of crossing the different boarders. This interview is very useful for understanding what like was like in refugee camps as well as the personal experiences they had. We are able to therefore empathize with Mortezza Poorvadi.
The Poorvadi family had an extremely rough time in Iran. As there father was from Iran and his mother was from Iraq making it against the law for her to live in Iran and be married to an Iranian man. This stopped his mother from being ever aloud to speak in public. However soon the Iranian Mullah officials and the army of Saddam uncovered Mortezza’s mother’s true nationality. This was because there eldest son wanted to apply for university yet he the university needed both parents birth certificates. As his mother’s identity was trying to be kept a secret the husband tried to bribe the university with money in order to let his son study. Soon...