Anthony Woods
Week2 essay~ Contemporary Ethics
  1. Why should a person be moral? In addressing this question, analyze either Plato’s story of the ring of Gyges.
In my opinion we (all) should be moral because without morality society would breakdown and do whatever it is they want to do without a care in the world and how it (immorality) would affect others.
It is often in a person’s self interest to behave in a moral fashion, and to uphold a person’s moral values often demands to some degree that we sacrifice the pursuit of our own self-interest/benefit.
Think about stealing, it is regarded as wrong all over the world to steal something from someone for your own benefit. From a moral standpoint stealing is not permissible. It can also be against a person’s self-interest.   A burglar might decide not to rob his or her next door neighbor’s house because it has a security system. Because his or her chances of getting caught and going to jail would be a great risk. This would not be in the burglars best (rational) self-interest. In this case the burglar chose to uphold his or her moral values versus pursuing their own self-interest.
From a social aspect, I don’t believe that a society can survive without a moral foundation, because being moral socially is an essential tool in maintaining peace and a reasonable standard of living for all, within our boundaries.  
Killing, stealing and lying are some of many behaviors that are not allowed in a stable society. Imagine living in a society where there were no laws against murdering someone and the murder was not punished for killing someone. There wouldn’t be any sense of security for anyone because nothing would be in place to prevent them from being killed by others. What about theft? Without a way to own and protect your property, people could just take your possessions. We wouldn’t have any sense of stability or security because our property could be taken at any time. It is very important that moral rules be...