Morals N Ethics

Ethical and Moral Issues in Business
Patricia Baskerville
June 2, 2011
Professor Donna Dougherty

Ethical and Moral Issues in Business
      In our current economy, many conflicts arise between personal character and professional character. The reason for this occurrence is because people believe that ethics and morals have no place in the business world. In fact, ethics and morals not only have a position in the business world but both terms influence each other. Many people often ask what are the similarities and differences between ethical and moral issues. This article will elaborate on the differences of the ethical and moral issues. Another subject to discuss includes the differences between the personal and professional ethics. In addition, this article will provide examples of common ethical problems for both discussions. Furthermore, this article will change the viewpoint of ethics and morals in the workplace.
      The Differences between Ethical and Moral Issues
      According to WiseGeek (2011), Ethics and morality have many similarities and few differences. The difference between ethics and morals is that morals define personal character and ethics pressures a social system. Moral issues define character and ethics dictate the functioning of a social system. Ethics are position towards the request of morality. For instance, the police detective personal moral code is that rape is immoral and disgusting whereas the ethics command for the detective to pursue a conviction of the crime. National, social, and workplace ethics developed a foundation in accordance to the moral codes accepted and adhered to by members of each group. Furthermore, the difference between ethics and morality is a subtle boundary that differs between population and atmosphere (Para. 1-3).
      The Differences between Personal and Business Ethics
      According to Williams (2011), both personal and professional ethics similarities outweigh the differences....