Morality of Profit

The Morality Of Profit
Idea outline
Broken down into:
  1. History of profit
  2. Cases of immoral profit
  3. Cases of good profit that benefit human kind
  4. Closing paragrah

(Scott idea of small business man making an honest profit to large corporations taking advantage of people)
History of profit:
Ever since the history of man there has been trade. In the beginning, people bartered. Eventually money was used and used in the business of profit.   Metals objects were introduced as money around 5000 B.C. By 700 BC, the Lydians became the first in the Western world to make coins.   But in the quest of making a profit and honest living took a turn and man realized that profit meant power.   Sometimes he began to see the advantages of making a profit in the name of personal gain and greed. It became more than just profit to survive it became profit for control. Throughout history honest profit and dishonest profit has been practiced. In honest profit we seek profit from the fruits of our labor. But in dishonest profit everything has a price tag and everything from slaves being sold, to imposing taxes on the poor, to scams large and small are committed in the name of profit.  
Throughout history man has used many emotional betrayals to take advantage of good hearted souls to gain profit.   From religious scams, quick make a buck scams, large pharmaceutical business deals , real estate scams, internet scams, large political scams and personal scams. The morality of profit is the question. How does man allow for profit to take priority over caring for his fellow man? In the U.S. every day from the time we wake up we are faced with people trying to profit from us in honest and dishonest ways. Sometimes we don’t even know it till it affects our lives later.
Cases of immoral profit
Bernnie Madoff idea:
The Bernnie Madoff scandle was recently one of the biggest cases to address the Morality Of Profit. In the quest for profit this individual was...