Moral Thoughts

Shri Krishna Venugopalan
Class 12 – Rose

Wish, hope, expectations and aspirations… These are the drivers of the human society, aren’t they? If anybody questions you, “Who are you?” then what will be your answer?
Think about it… You will immediately recognize that your wishes are your introduction and the successes and the failures in your life are your definition. Most of the people live a life wherein their inner self is dying, yet they are unable to extinguish their wishes.
A wish makes a person run like a predator makes a prey! But within these wishes lies the ray of knowledge…   When the wishes lie unaccomplished for a long time, they break. And that’s the time when the ray of knowledge enters the human heart, isn’t it?
To fill the future of a child’s life with happiness is the parents’ primary duty. Whom you have brought into this world and from whose deeds in the future you will be known to this world. Then isn’t planning the happiness of their future the most important task for the parents?
But Happiness and Protection… Aren’t they received through one’s own deeds? The thoughts and the morals given to the child by the parents, good or bad ones… The fit and the unfit education… Aren’t these the source of all their current deeds? The education and the morals create a person’s character… That is, how the parents make their child’s character is how they make their future!
But most of the parents, under the worry of securing a good future for their child, completely forget to secure a good character for their child… In reality, parents who worry about their child’s future avail no benefit to them in their life. But those parents who instead of building a good future for their children, build a good character, aren’t they praised all-round the world?
Sometimes, just a single incident destroys all the plans created by a human and the human starts considering that single incident as the peak center of his life… But is the future...