Moral Philosophy

Moral Philosophy
    As the Army moves into the 21st century, we will be the role models for future generations of soldiers to come.   Our ethics and moral values become that of future generations.   As such, we must re-evaluate what it is that makes us professionals, what it is that we believe in.   To do that, I had to evaluate my value system and how important it has been within my personal and professional life.   This reflection has given me the opportunity to understand what influenced my personal moral philosophy.   My moral philosophy is very simple.   It has been shaped by virtues of honesty, respect, commitment, compassion and love for family.
    The corner stone of my moral philosophy is honesty.   As a child, I was taught not to lie and I’ve continued to live by those convictions my parents imparted to me.   I also believe integrity is very important and what comes out of your mouth must be in correspondence with the facts.
    When we make a commitment, a promise is often involved as is the responsibility and the strength of character to uphold it.   As for my professional life, I have been committed to the Army and I’ve not taken it lightly.   I took an oath to obey the orders of the President, and an unspoken oath to those in my charge.
    As for respect, it applies to every aspect of life.   I was always taught to treat another person the same way you want to be treated.   There are a lot of ways to show respect, to include saying things like please and thank you.   You can also show respect by appreciating someone’s differences, like their ethnic background, religion and sexual orientation.   Respect is also applicable in my professional life too, I respect my superiors and I expect the same in return.
    As a leader I have a duty to mentor my subordinates in the ways of the Army.   To teach them to make the right choice even when it would be easier to bend the rules or take a short cut.   You could say Ethics is nothing more than looking at a...