Moral Dilemma

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Moral Dilemma
At one point or the other, people find themselves in situations whereby they have to choose on the best cause of action: this sometimes entails even having to act in a manner that is outright wrong as far as the societal norms are concerned. Nonetheless, one point that comes out clearly is the need always to take the course with the most benefits, and least harm (Mill 9).   Refers to being in a conflict in choosing between two or more actions, and if you decide on one, you have a moral reason for choosing each action.
Identification of a Case
I checked a variety of news topics, most of which tend to be quite emotive, from the perspective of philosophy to help come up with a case. In our scenario, the case is on what can be best in a situation whereby one has the moral responsibility and yet, is expected to act in a manner that is compliant to the societal norms (Brehm and Jack 47). Some of the acts considered as unacceptable in a society are stealing, murdering, engaging in quarrels, just to mention but a few.
Mr. John, an owner of a small shop in California, had his girlfriend sick in the hospital. The doctor prescribed for him a drug that he was to go buy in the chemistry to save the life of his beloved girlfriend. Unfortunately, he could not really purchase the drug, not only due to lack of sufficient funds but also based on the hike of price by the shopkeeper. While the drug was priced at $2000, he only had $150, barely a tenth the total price. He decided to get to the pharmacist and request to be given the drug to be paid later; but his request was turned down. Since he could not get the drug from the pharmacist by buying it, he decided to sneak into the pharmacy and steal the drug. He gave his girlfriend the drug and she was healed (Stubear web).
Identification and Explanation of the Moral Principle
In understanding the circumstance, it is appropriate to analyse either...