Moral Developoemtn

Moral Development
0-3 months –
At this age is too difficult to ascertain whether there is any definite moral development of a baby
3-6 months –
At this age babies will start to understand its first moral feelings towards pleasure and displeasure. They will also start to coo and laugh.
6-9 months –
At this age baby’s will start to understand the word “NO”.   They will soon become to realise when no is being said that it is not a good word.
9-12 months-
If a parents approach is consistent when they are telling their child “NO” the child will start to take on the meaning of it and think about it in the brain, for example if the child is about to touch something and the parent says “NO” the child may stop and look at the mother or farther and begin to think why are they saying no.
1-2 years-
When given consistent rules the child will start to understand meanings of “don’t touch that” or “don’t do that” instead of just the word “NO”.   Child will push the boundaries so they can explore what will happen if I touch it even though their mum has said “NO”.
2-4 years-
Children don’t understand completely about right or wrong at this age, they are still very keen to become independent. They may find it hard to wait and to understand why they cannot always have what they see or do what they want to do. They will start to become more thoughtful towards others and start knowing that when they hurt another child is not kind and if they do something helpful or nice they get praised for it. They are able to follow rules most of the time. They really start to develop morally and socially so everything still needs to be consistent.
4-6 years-
Children are learning to be completely independent they want to dress themselves and feed themselves and like to organise their own play if they are given the opportunity. They enjoy being with and adult to listen to the rules and helping especially when given responsibility. They are aware of others and how they have to...