Moral Degradation

Degradation Spoils Young Generation
Posted by admin on 5/19/10 • Categorized as Cover Story

I think all would consider this fact to be tenable that nowadays more youth and youngsters are involved in crime and hence an extreme phase of social illness is undeniable and inescapable. You can’t just deny this fact. It’s all in the statistics. I mean it is facts and figures that we are talking about; black and white. Nothing remains to hide and no where to run. We are in a reality to face it. Some would debate before they say it moral degradation. However, if they do so you have enough reason to ask them about what morality constitutes and how he or she would label this new unexpected development. Moreover, the increase in juvenile cases recent months is shocking and the news of students killing one another can be seen a chronic disease. Young generation with whom we are used to dream for the future of the country is having a great contribution to this new specter. From ogling, winking, passing comments in the form of sexual innuendos, to touching, groping, ‘eveteasing’, stalking, sending lewd text messages, ‘prank’ calls, display of pornography, threatening and intimidation, acid attacks, and unwanted ‘love’ proposals. Compared to back then, things do not happen like this. Is there any doubt that more youngsters nowadays are involved in social crimes and problems? The disrespectful attitude carried out by youths and students is very much common nowadays if you were to compare again to the last couple of years. I mean what is wrong with youngsters and youths nowadays? Why are they acting in such a way? There is no fear and tear to say it is kind of social moral breakdown and it is taking its shape through such abnormal and undesired manner. Government and society has nothing to do with it or unwilling to do it? May be the last one is closer to the truth than the former one. However, it is the failure of the state to ensure the moral growth of the young girls and...