Moon over Buffalo

Moon Over Buffalo
As one of the actors in the play “Moon Over Buffalo” I have had the privilege of seeing the play three times, however I was not able to see the whole thing so my responses are limited too the parts that I experienced in the play. I believe that I will be able to critique the parts I was in. This has been my first time performing in a play and even so I can tell which parts in the play that was in needed more work and which ones were pretty good, whether it be because of me or because of another actor. At the same time if an actor was too mess up, or over act a certain part, it would mess up the scene. I noticed that in this play the actors had relied on each other in most of the scenes. There would be action on part of the stage while there is an actor who is in the background waiting to join in the action but while he/she is waiting on the sideline onstage they perform small things that show that they are still in the scene but they don’t do too much that they take away the attention from the main focus.
For the most part the scenes were pretty believable. The parts that could have used a little bit of more work were in certain punch lines that were meant for the audience too laugh. If there was a joke there were times when I would smirk along with the actor

Perez 2
or actress that was with me. This could have been taken care of with some type of training to block the third circle. However it was amazing how those parts weren’t too
noticeable too the audience and the actors were able too just play it off and continue with their lines as if they didn’t know they just said a punch line that made a roomful of people.
However the most believable scenes came from when there was more movement. There was a look of confusion, anger, and fear all in one dramatic scene just thrown at the audience. One of my favorite scenes is the part when Howard, me, barges through the door dressed like General Patton. Howard’s emotions switch from exited,...