I am not gonna lie to you. Finishing my first Open University module is being an uphill battle. DD101 is to me as dry and boring as it can be. This is no disrespect to the authors or the institution. The materials are nearly perfect, well organized, and perfectly structured for a new student… it just does not interest me.

I had a beautiful encounter with a friend’s grandpa, and he said: “I am no carpenter, I am a wood addict. Find whatever interests you, or you will always struggle to get traction, you will always feel drained in your efforts. If you dedicate yourself to your interests, then there is no effort, time flies by, and you get excellent at what you do”.

So maybe it is unfortunate I never had an interest in Social Sciences, because my brain struggles to milk any sense from paragraphs that I need to read three times before they sink into my attention. I understand that it is part of the process of studying a degree, and I will get through it as many students did before me, but I can’t say I am thrilled and enthused. The good thing is that I am about to be done with DD101 and will be able to choose other modules that may be more appealing to me. Today I have been working on TMA06 and I can’t wait to see it done.

If you can sense a venting tone you are reading right. I am venting. I think I am going to be a proper blogger today and go self-centered. I was supposed to sign up for my next module before Tuesday but I am out of money, so I will have to stop my studies for 6 months, which is frustrating. Anyway this too shall pass, and I know a few years from now I will look back at this post and laugh it off. Maybe I should start laughing now.

All my support to the rest of the DD101 gang and OU Students out there.