Should We Legalize Marijuana?

Legalizing marijuana would positively change our country. There are a lot of issues regarding marijuana and why it should or should not be legalized. Describing the positives and negatives of marijuana if legalized.
First, Marijuana can increase job availability by setting up coffee shops around the country just like they have in the state of California. California alone brings in at least 3 million dollars a year on the distribution of marijuana. Marijuana makes more money than any other drug in America. It would give people more money in their pockets, and having good living styles. By legalizing marijuana, the government can put restrictions on the coffee shops when hiring job availability. The government will check criminal backgrounds of each individual applying for the job, making sure that the person record is clean.
Second, The Economy is the biggest talk of today’s society. With our country being in so much debt, marijuana could change all this. It would create thousands of legal tax-paying jobs and increasing the drug cartel by 75% (Asker 2010). It would save billions of dollars in law enforcement and a big windfall for the government to make money available. Also gas prices will hopefully fall back down to normal prices that people can afford.
Third, the government has tried to prevent people from using marijuana for many years now, but people still tend to make use of the substance. Marijuana is used by over 25 million people each year, and it’s the largest cash crop in the United States. Teenage use of alcohol and tobacco remain serious health problem, but children are now leading to the use of marijuana which does cause some good things and bad things. The convenience of alcohol and tobacco is more widespread throughout the country. Some children are even out here selling the substance just to feed their family. Not everyone in the United States can afford to live a good style like other people. Everyone in the...