Money Can't Buy Happiness

Daniela Rodriguez
Professor Hilary Lynch
English Composition 1
30 September 2014

Some say that money controls everything in this world, but how much does it control in our emotions? There is a saying that expresses, “Money can buy happiness.” Money doesn’t buy happiness because everybody has a different view of what happiness is. The general definition of happiness is the state of feeling pleasure or contentment. To some people money is just a form of stability, and happiness comes from being fulfilled in the spiritual sense.
I personally have always had clothing, food, and shelter all my life, so I can’t give the point of view of a wealthy person or a less unfortunate person. When I lived in Mexico I got to see from the outside of both life styles of this belief. I noticed the laugh of a child while kicking a simple bottle, to a teenagers smile as they received the newest phone for their birthday.
In Calvillo, Aguascalientes lives Joel, he doesn’t have a dime and live off on the food and clothing people give him. Yet, I always saw him with a smile on his face. He will sit every morning in the town square’s bench, and to every person that walked by, he would wish a good morning and/or a blessed day with the biggest joyful smile. On the contraire of him, there was also some people in his same situation, still all they could think of was ways to get more money. It seemed like they wouldn’t be happy until they reached the upper level class.
In that same little town, I also knew a very wealthy man named Raul. He was rich, but he didn’t have family of his own. He felt as if he was the loneliest person on Earth and had severe depression. Still, like most things, they have an opposite crowd that would feel that with the money they have they could buy everything to make them happy, and that is the only way the know how to be happy.
Apart from all my personal experiences with how people react to money, I have read a couple of articles on the same...