My Favorite Person

Elizabeth Kern is a name many people around the city of Salisbury will recognize. In my eyes, this woman is not just a role model, she is my hero. When I was an adolescent, my mother always fought through her battles to provide for her family and still does. My mother has had a tough life and she is a stronger person for that. Elizabeth may come off as intimidating, scary, and even a “rough neck”. But my mother is none of those; if you had the opportunity of meeting her I am sure that you will not leave her sight without a smile. She is a very optimistic human being and I can’t express it enough. My mother has many amazing qualities but she is most special to me because she is loud, funny, and strong.

My mother has a bold personality, and her strongest trait is her sense of humor. If you ever talk to my mom, you will learn a great lesson. My mother has a tendency to always crack a joke! When Elizabeth was in high school, she was voted class clown. I didn’t need a yearbook to believe her because of constantly being around her. My family and I had gone camping and my mother bought me and my brother a decent pair of blue and red glow sticks. Well, I opened my mouth and said “Make sure you don’t lose your glow stick!” knowing my mother would have a vague comment to say, I cringed automatically. Finally opening her mouth, my mother shouts “That’s the point of a glow stick Amanda, it glows!” Although it was not a joke, many people around us had gotten a good chuckle. From experience, I have watched my mother make almost

every single person she has met laugh. Even when the day is bad for her, she would rather make someone’s day ten times better. Ever since her freshman year in high school she has been the “Highlight Reel” said Mom. She would get kicked out the class for clowning around and talking all the time. Her attitude completely changes when she gets around other people. When my mother gets around someone, her face lights up and she...