Mohammud Yunus Won the Nobel Prize for Peace. Why Do/Don't You Think He Deserved to Get This Prize?

An intelligent man, named Mohammud Yunus learned from the destitute to find a solution of how to eradicate poverty in his own in country. The outcome was that he received the Nobel price for Peace for creating the “microcredit”. But why not the Nobel price for Economics? What has his action to do with Peace anyways? Well, creating a system that has changed within 30 years the life of around 3.7 million families in 46.000 villages all over Bangladesh does relate to Peace.

Women, who are preferred costumers, are in many countries including bangladesh been put into a lower category then the men. Having now an opportunity to get loan and start to be more independent, the men shows the women their respect which they deserve. With this, according to the article “A Bank for the Down and Out”, the divorce rate of Yunus system borrowers dropped down, since the destitute husbands are starting to be more dependent to their wife. At the same time when the divorce rate drops down the birth rate drops down as well, since a bond of a family became stronger, after women are starting to become as equal as the man. Women could live a better life than they had before, because of Yunus. It gives peace into each family.

Another reason why he deserved the Nobel price for Peace is that he brought up the 16 Decisions. Borrowers of Yunus system have been told to stop taking and giving dowry for their children’s marriages. They have realized that marriages would appear more especially among the poor families where they could not afford the dowry. It also can give two different families a better relationship and a stronger bond. Parents would start to let their children decide who they want to marry or not, without having a look into the other families budget.

Also in the 16 Decisions each member is committed to help each other in any kind of situation. It has shown that working in a group is more effective as if a person would work individually. In addition sharing their...