Module C Standard English

Module C: Into the world
‘Into the World’ is a concept which involves with the transition into new phases, new worlds and new experiences of growth, maturation and internal progression. This concept is evident within J C Burke’s novel “The Story of Tom Brennan and Michael Leunig’s animation “The Egg”. Through the use of a sophisticated array of techniques the composers are able to maintain high levels of authenticity throughout the duration of the texts, ultimately stimulating a powerful response upon the audience which portrays the underlying notion that the experience of moving into the world can challenge an individual’s attitudes and beliefs.
The two texts clearly demonstrate a distinct reality that individuals must leave behind short term comforts and the safety provided by the old world in order to satisfy unmet inner desires. Burke cleverly depicts this concept through the symbolic gesture of the Brennan’s hyperbolically, “Closing the front door of their home for the last time.” Through the use of precise timing, “4.30 am on Friday the 23rd of January,” coupled with the use of first person narrative, a reflective and melancholic tone is established, reinforcing this concept of sacrifice of status. The fact that Tom was   forced to move from his old world (Mumbilli) indicates that he has left behind his family and friends in order to accommodate an entrance into the new world (Coghill). Thus the notion of sacrifice often challenges the experiences of moving into the world and changes the individual attitudes and beliefs towards certain places.
Leunig effectively depicts the similar notion through the sacrifice of the person as they break the protective shell of his egg, the egg symbolising protection, safety and security challenging the individual’s attitudes and beliefs. As the persona is inside the egg, the high camera angle shot is used to symbolise the person’s authority over the egg.   However as the persona leaves the egg, he appears to be pink and...