Module a: Discovery

The Lost Thing
Identify aspects of the text
The Lost Thing is a 15 minute short animated film adapted from the book written by Shaun Tan, and later directed by himself and Andrew Ruhemann. It was then released in 2010 after 3 years of production.
Purpose and audience of text
The short film’s purpose is to express in symbolic terms how young people are more open to new experiences and ideas compared to that of an adult. Because it highlights aspects from both young and old people, this short film would be excellent for everybody.
Summarise what the text is about
The text is a narration of a man reminiscing about a time when he was a boy. In the beginning he goes on a scheduled adventure to collect bottle tops. When he reaches a beach, he finds an unusual mechanised creature, which is at first approached with caution, though is quickly seen to be friendly. The boy soon discovers that the creature hasn’t got a home, so he decides to take it with him, much to the dislike of his parents who don’t want it in the house.
An opportunity soon arises through the form of an advertisement that indirectly offers to adopt the creature, giving it a home. Once they reach the advertised place, the boy comes to the realisation that it’s not a very savoury place, resulting in them leaving for a better situation on the guidance of a wise slug-like creature. When they finally arrive the creature immediately feels at home, and the boy feels satisfied in accomplishing a good deed.
Explain an understanding of discovery within the text with quotes
This text relates to discovery from the core nature of the story; being a symbolic representation of how the youth are innately curious and adventurous, juxtaposing with the older characters   who appear staid in their ways . The youthful behaviour of the protagonist is what inevitably leads to new and interesting discoveries.
The unnamed protagonist visits old Pete in an attempt to understand what the creature is. Pete claims with the...