Modest Proposal

March 8 marks the date for International Women’s Day- one of the several profoundly vapid ‘days’, initiated by the UN. And the theme for this year was chosen to be parity- something which the Australian workforce is still yet far from achieving.

Despite years of campaigning for workplace gender equality- the sad condition brought about by the brutal patriarchal system, the latest statistics show that far from improving, the gender pay gap in Australia is actually widening. In fact, Australia is currently experiencing the highest level of gender pay gap in over 20 years. It is a shocking reality ,considering it’s 2016, that women ,on average, are earning as little as 18.8% less than their male counterparts.

All can agree that this situation is absolutely unacceptable and deplorable. We just can not allow such an atrocity to exist in the modern society; something must be done.

Just consider the situation of the single mothers in Australia. Not only are they forced to go to work because of their unfortunate plight, but they also have the all-important job of caring for their children; prepare them in the morning, drop them off at day care, pick them up after work, go grocery shopping, cook dinner…the list goes on! Clearly, they have heaps more work on their hands. And yet, what support do they get? Nothing. And guess what; their males colleagues, who are pampered by their loving wives, earn almost 20% more than them. How ridiculous is that!

So, without further ado, I shall humbly present to you my very own modest proposal to put an end to our 20-year long battle with the atrocious wage gap, which I hope will not be met with any objections.   I propose that women should be given only four career options to choose from, and only women can be employed to work in these occupations. I believe that my proposal will not only close the pay gap, but will improve the overall perception the society has on women.

Once my phenomenal proposal (not trying to be...