Modern Guns and There Issues

“Guns in America: You know the case for background checks is weak if...” by Fox News John R. Lott and “States lead on gun background checks” by USA Today Editorial Board
Gun control has been a major issue in the United States for years. I’ve read two different articles and observed some of their views on the gun control laws and how one felt it should be changed for the better and one felt it would change for the worse. According to USA Today (2015), gun violence today kills 89 Americans in murder, suicide, and accidents each day. If you average that out yearly, it’s about 32,485 people yearly being killed due to gun violence. Needless to say, it is a substantial amount of people who are killed yearly, which the government tries seeking different solutions to correct the problem. Both articles cover reasons they feel what is being proposed now by the president is correct or incorrect. Both articles mostly differ from each other on if they agree or disagree with what the president is proposing. The president is proposing a law, which if approved would require all firearm deals with background checks, whether it be public or private deals. Basically, what it means is in any firearm deal, there will have to be background checks on the person buying whether it be from a public place, such as a gun store or a private owner, which is buying a gun from a friend, family, neighbor, and so on. Some states have actually already taken it into their own hands and passed laws to expand the gun law to require background checks on private deals.
These articles do have one thing in common, which is both believe gun violence in America is too high and something needs to be done to lower the gun violence in the United States. According to USA Today (2015), Since the fatal shootings in December 2012 of 20 children and six adults in Newtown, Connecticut; six states, Connecticut, Colorado, Delaware, New York, Washington and most recently Oregon have expanded background checks to...