Modern European History

Britain 1945-1990: Revision Booklet

This revision guide is meant to compliment your revision. It contains some useful exercises to help with your revision and some practice exams at the end. Mr Willcocks will be happy to mark any practice exam questions you complete and give you feedback. If you complete all the practice questions there are more available-email

Below are the key topics we have studied. Reflect on your learning and decide how you can improve your understanding of these topics in preparation for the exam.

|Topic/Key Question                                                           |Reflection: 10= Excellent knowledge and understanding       |
|                           |1                           |2                           |3                           |4                           |
|The University of the Air   |The pots and pans budget   |Right to Buy housing       |The Robbins Report         |The creation of the NHS.   |
|                           |                           |policies.                   |                           |                           |
|Stop-Go Economic policies   |The 1988 Education Act     |Privatisation               |The 1944 Butler Education   |The Community Charge       |
|                           |                           |                           |Act                         |                           |
|The DEA.                   |The Guillebaud Committee   |The 1982 Employment Act.   |In Place of Strife.         |1957 Rent Act               |
|Free milk for school       |IMF loan.                   |1952 Housing Act           |The Abortion Act           |Appointment of Ian         |
|children abolished.         |                           |                           |                           |MacGregor at the NCB.       |
|The Sexual Offences Act     |MTFS (Medium Term Financial|Abolition of the GLC.       |Nationalisation of Rolls   |Griffiths Report           |