Modern Day Hero

A Modern Day Hero
There are many definitions of a “hero” because it is a word that cannot be accurately interpreted. A hero is a fictional or non-fictional being that someone admires for certain personality traits or characteristics. My modern day hero is a very great man; a man that believed in non-violent resistance, Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi was a great contributor to his country and single handedly lead the resistance against the British in India. Among his many great qualities, there are three that are strongest of all his courage, sereneness, and will power.
“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Some of us know this infamous Gandhi quote all too well, yet never took into consideration. With everything that is happening in today’s society Gandhi’s wise words still hold truth to this day. This is a man who embodies a power that we all possess but are too afraid to show it. He is my hero because his methods of bringing about change are shown through generations of leaders and will always have an impact no matter what the situation.
Born October 2, 1869 he led a nonviolent resistance movement against the British colonial rule in India. Gandhi believed in the unity of all mankind under one god. As a child, he was neither a genius nor a child prodigy and actually suffered from extreme shyness. However, he approached life with making small steps towards his goals, which he pursued relentlessly. By the time he died, India had become an independent country, free of British rule and actually becoming the largest democracy in the world. Today, Gandhi is remembered not only as a political leader, but also as a moralist who appealed to the universal conscience of mankind.
During his life span of seventy-nine years Gandhi, put his life on the line hundreds of times. The British could have shot him dead with one bullet, yet if they did, they knew that all of India would be in an uproar. While he led the Indian people to freedom from Britain, Gandhi broke numerous...