Modern American Dream

Maggyver Monge
Pope 5th
American Dream
Is the American Dream still alive to me? Yes in some cases it still thrives. Optimism, the
main cause of migration to America from other countries, people still come with the hopes of
starting a new life, whether it be from poverty, injustice, or just a new begging from other
countries. Sometimes people come in search of “Progress” for their families or get started with
their dreams. Often in many situations the decision to come to America to ascertain the
American Dream is of the individuals own free will.

Optimism, the greatest pull factor for migration to America. America is said to be the
land of opportunity, which is why many people migrate here with hopes of ascertaining the
fabled American Dream. Many families and individuals come here with open-minds and high
hopes for a better tomorrow. This is seen everywhere where people are commuting or working,
you can easily notice it when you look at what they are working in or what they are socializing
about. Some work in a job because that is what they yarned to do or they work there because
they are trying to build from it whether it be a profession or a family.  

Progress, something most immigrants and even natural citizens search for. The chance
to progress ones life to the standard one hopes to have, is what makes people start searching
for the American Dream. Families and individuals search for jobs and places they can progress
rapidly and to a higher social class. People migrate from place to place and from job to job for a
chance to progress in anyway shape or form. There is very few things people will not do to
progress whether it be drug dealing to gain a little money in their pocket or work long and tiring
hours for minim wage. Their hearts are set to make it somewhere and with that passion they
will strive through hellfire and brimstone to progress in their own life and that of their families.

Free will, many come...